Thursday, 28 June 2012

'Up' SEAL day

Last week, years 3 and 4 joined forces once again to have a fantastic SEAL day! We watched and discussed the film 'Up', which focused on the idea of change and considered some of the ways that it could be dealt with. After the film, we went back to our classrooms and talked about things we wanted to let go of. We then wrote these down on a tag on our tables and attached them to balloons filled with helium. We finished the day by releasing our balloons, and with them, what we wanted to let go of.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Myths and Legends available online!

A quick reminder to all of our readers: after completing our 'Myths and Legends' Literacy unit, the children's finished stories are available to read online at

Please feel free to leave a comment and give the story a star rating!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Homework Project - 1st Half of the Summer Term

Welcome back everyone!

It's going to be a truly exciting summer term in year 3 and what better way than to kick off with our latest homework project - redesigning the Olympic logo!

Feel free to get as creative as you want: what do you think would be eye-catching to millions of people all around the world?
Use any art materials - this is your chance to create something original and you can use whatever you would like to...

The project deadline is Monday 21st May - we look forward to seeing all of the awesome entries.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Brewhouse Yard Trip

On Thursday 8th March year 3 ventured into Nottingham City Centre to explore the history of children in our city, visiting Brewhouse Yard and Nottingham Castle, reports Amelia Medley...

"On Thursday we went on a trip to Brewhouse Yard. We got on a bus and sat upstairs. When we got off, we walked up to the castle because 3D were at Brewhouse Yard first. In the castle we looked at the old clothes people used to wear. Then some of us watched a short clip about the castle, when it got burnt down. After that we looked at some fake animals! We then went out to the adventure playground. We had our lunch there and after went on the playground. 
Then we went to Brewhouse Yard where we looked in a children's bedroom from World War II and went in an Anderson Shelter. In the Anderson Shelter, it was quite scary! We also had a look at some of the foods that were available in the war. Finally, we travelled back to school."
Thanks Amelia! A great day was had by all! 

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Sandwich Snacks - Day Two!

Day two kicked off with Miss Richmond, Miss Dove and Mr. Husbands all modelling their own healthy sandwich snack creations, before year 3 planned the design of their sandwiches.
We then all washed our hands, before entering Miss Dove's room to choose our fillings.

We then went back to 3H to construct our sandwich...
...before it was cut up and ready to eat!
In the afternoon, we had a chance to try our own snack (as well as some of our friends' sandwiches), before evaluating whether our combination of bread and fillings had been a success.

We all had a super two days, but the big question has got to be:

What would be on your sandwich?

Monday, 5 March 2012

Sandwich Snacks in Year 3! - DAY ONE

Joining forces to create the healthiest sandwich snacks seen this side of Sherwood, 3D and 3H came together this morning to begin our new D&T project. We started the 2-day experience by discussing all of the different types of bread and fillings that we thought were healthy. We looked at pictures of some pre-made sandwich snacks and this helped us to understand and name some of the ingredients that fill a healthy sandwich...

After that, we tried lots of different types of bread to see what would be the base for each of our sandwiches.
Finally, we experimented with different fillings! Everyone got the opportunity to try at least one thing that was totally new and many of us found new types of fillings that we really enjoyed. In the pictures below, can you guess which picture was taken after we tried raw garlic? :)

A fantastic day was had by all. Roll on day two!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

New Homework Project - Spring Term 1st Half

Greetings year 3 blog fans!

The blog makes a welcome return from his Christmas break to bring you exciting news of a new homework project!

Called "The many faces of...", year 3 pupils are asked this half term to create a collage of themselves, including hobbies, likes, favourite things in the world and more, and put them into the shape of a face! Sounds a bit funky? It is! See Mr. Husbands' example below...

We will provide a template for children to use, but you can create your own if you would like to! You can draw all your favourite things and hobbies you get up to in the template to create your face (colour is a must!) but if you would like to create your face using ICT, be our guest!

The face is to be handed in by Monday 6th February.

Have fun, be creative and show us your real face!